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    Standard G7-1075-dx Motherboard issue?

    Laptop was taken to repair shop for overheating,rebooting,shutting down etc. and diagnosis was bad motherboard. Owner did not replace motherboard.

    I received the laptop and it would boot (no errors) ran very hot but fan was turning. I replaced the Fan, cleaned heatsink, applied new artic silver on processor and reinstalled. All connections/ribbons were removed and reinstalled with no problem.

    Laptop will not boot or post, no video, no beep, just power light and wireless light come on steady with cpu fan working. Ram and motherboard does warm up to the touch. Tried hard reset ( remove battery and power then hold power button 15 sec) twice with no change. Completley dismantled again and reinstalled all componets checking ribbons and cables several times. No change.

    I'm not getting any LED on numlock or capslock or beeps to troubleshoot. No video. just a white power light and a red light on F12/wireless key with cpu fan running.

    If you have no suggestions can you tell me what motherboards will work in this laptop?

    Please help.

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