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MSI Afterburner 2.2.0 Beta 5

Quelle: MSI

MSI hat eine neue Beta-Version vom beliebten Grafikkarten-Tuning-Tool Afterburner veröffentlicht.

Mit MSI Afterburner lässt sich Grafikkarten Takt,Spannungen und Lüfter-Drehzahl anpassen. Bei Unsachgemäßer Benutzung kann das zu schweren Schäden an der Hardware führen.  Nutzung erfolgt auf eigene Gefahr.


– Improved active monitoring graphs list control in „Monitoring“ tab reduces list flickering when hovering mouse cursor over it
– ReadMe file is now provided in RTF format instead of plain text format
– Now beta versions display notification messages informing you that it is about to expire soon in one week or less before the end of trial period
– Added update checking system
– Added RivaTuner-styled command line interface providing direct GPU and I2C device registers access. Logical AND, OR and XOR operations are supported in addition to regular read and write operations. Now MSI Afterburner can be used by vendors for pre-production custom VRM testing and calibration
– Added German localization
– Updated OSD Server:
– Added screencapture and videocapture support for Direct3D10 and Direct3D11 applications using BGR framebuffers (e.g. F.3.A.R.)
– Fixed Crysis 2 DX11 intro movies rendering issue when OSD is being displayed in raster 3D mode
– Updated profiles list