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Catalyst 11.5b Hotfix


Catalyst 11.5b Hotfix:

AMD Catalyst™ Driver 11.5b Hotfix Features:

– Includes performance optimizations and resolves various quality issues for the upcoming release of Brink™
– Resolves transcoding video lagging issues seen when converting multiple H.264 clips to MPEG2 Blu-ray video
– -Resolves the intermittent mouse cursor lag issue seen by some users
– Resolves intermittent flickering issues seen in the following applications in a system using an AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 series graphics card with DDR3 memory and running in DirectX® 9 mode:
Civilization 5
Dead Rising 2
Fallout 3
Mafia 2
NBA 2010
Starcraft 2
Warcraft III
World of Warcraft
– Support for additional Stereo 3D-capable displays:
Viewsonic V3D241wm-LED
3D Projectors
– Enables AMD CrossFire™ scaling for Brink
– Enables AMD CrossFire scaling for The Witcher 2
– Improves performance for Dirt 3


Windows XP
Windows Vista/7