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NVIDIA Inspector

NVIDIA Inspector Changelog: – voltage tweak workaround for crap evga gtx580 sc bios
– added CLI option „-showOnlyCSN“
– added CLI option „-setPStateLimit“

Catalyst 11.1a hotfix

Catalyst 11.1a hotfix (nur für Windows 7) Changelog: – Performance improvements for AMD Radeon™ HD 6900 & AMD Radeon HD 6800 series graphics cards
– AMD Catalyst Control Center – New Tessellation controls
– Gives users control … weiterlesen

Catalyst 11.1 / Catalyst Motherboard-IGP 11.1 / Mobile Catalyst 11.1

Catalyst 11.1: Windows XP
Windows XP x64
Windows Vista/7
Windows Vista/7 x64 Catalyst Motherboard-IGP 11.1: Windows XP
Windows XP x64
Windows Vista/7
Windows Vista/7 x64 Mobile Catalyst 11.1: Windows Vista/7
Windows Vista/7 x64

Opera 11.01

Opera 11.01 Changelog Cross-platform
Mouse gesture sensitivity/recognition fixes
Several crash fixes (Dragonfly reload, file download, extension autoupdate, search suggestions, mail account dropdown, and more) Core
Several crash fixes
CORE-1377 Support DOM3 window.DOMStringList
CORE-6716 Script element … weiterlesen

Realtek Gigabit LAN Treiber (Januar 2011)

Für folgende Geräte: – RTL8111B/RTL8168B/RTL8111/RTL8168
– RTL8111C/RTL8111CP/RTL8111D(L)
– RTL8168C/RTL8111DP/RTL8111E Download: Windows XP und Server 2003
Windows Vista und Server 2008
Windows 7 und Server 2008 R2

DAEMON Tools Lite v4.40.2

DAEMON Tools Lite v4.40.2 Release Notes: Bugs fixed:
– Rare BSODs when Advanced Emulation mode is disabled;
– Error 1500: driver initialization issue at startup.

Firefox 4.0 Beta 10

Firefox 4.0 Beta 10 Release Notes: – Compatibilty and stability improvements when using Adobe Flash on Mac OS X
– Improvements in memory usage
– Support for a graphics driver blacklist to improve stability

GPU-Z v0.5.1

GPU-Z v0.5.1 Release Notes: – Added support for NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti, 480M, 485M
– Added transistors and die size for 460M, 445M, 435M
– Added release date for 6800 GT, 6600 GT, 6600, 6200, 8800 GTX, 8800 … weiterlesen

VLC 1.1.6

VLC 1.1.6 Release Notes: – Security updates in codecs and demuxers
– Support for RTP/PCM 24bits, audio/L24
– Support for MPC SV7/SV8 on Windows and MacOS builds
– Faster Webm/VP8 decoding
– Support for Midi on … weiterlesen

Intel Management Engine (ME) Driver

Intel Management Engine (ME) Driver 7.0.1 Build 1114 (nur für Intel H5x/H6x Series Chipset-Based Desktop Boards) What ist the Intel Management Engine (ME) Driver? The Intel Management Engine Interface (Intel® ME Interface) is the interface between the Intel® Management Engine … weiterlesen